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Oh where oh where can my Tom Cat be? [18 Feb 2003|02:42am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I have been very depress as of late. Could be the fact that my mom has gotten two new pets since I have last updated. She has a hedgehog and a leopard gecko that I am not allowed to stalk. I just want to touch the hedgies quills and show them all I can take it. Im a big kittie! I can handle it.

Other than the fact that I feel I have been replaced with other animals, Tom Cat has left again. We spent an amazing amount of months together (hence me not posting in forever.) So, he leaves.. again. I am huge. I am now pregnant with I do not know how many kittens. My ankles are swollen, all four of them. My belly is now covered with nipples. I have two huge ones at the bottom that look like another set of eyes. No wonder my love has left me. I hope I have these things soon. I am up to eating four cans of food a day. I should lose all the weight once my babies come. Im hoping I do. Maybe then I can strut my stuff and get my Tommy boy back. I sure do miss him *deeps sighs* The last day I spent with him was Valentines day. What a memorable day.

Its iced here alot, I hope Tom is okay. Its fun to sit in the window all day enjoying my nice warm home while watching people be stupid and bust their ass. It makes me happy to be a cat, I can do stupid stuff and everyone just thinks its cute. Humans do something and they are a jackass. I love my life *pauses to lick paw* I am hoping I escape this place soon. I have found a liking to Uncle JR's cloest (he's moved back in.) I am most def going to have to sneak in their to have my babies and leave that ickie afterbirth stuff every where. By the way, if anyone has a childbirth video, I would love to see it to know what I am in for. Just comment with your email address and I will send you my address. I am scared to have my kittens. I just want to know how bad it may be. Im off for now. Going to go sleep on the full stack in kitchen.

Goodnight Everyone


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So is this Meow? [26 Sep 2002|03:15am]
[ mood | crushed ]

I guess me and Tom Cat have called it quits.. I have not seen that strapping young meowster in a while. I heard he went on a business trip.. he never came back. Did he find some cuter kittie and have dozens of litters with her? Maybe he got injured or lost and cant make his way back home to me.. I miss you Tom Cat.. you were my one true love... please come back to your snookums as soon as possible. I miss you and I love you even more...

Yours always



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I don't like Meow Mix! [01 Jul 2002|06:09am]
[ mood | mischievous ]

My box is gone. Uncle JR has moved out. No more long nights of ripping up his box or trying to get his rat's. This is sad. I miss him already. I love the way the words "Kitty" rolled off his tongue. Why am I such an emotional cat? I met a boy. We will call him Tom Cat. He's quite the amazing furball. The other night we stayed up for hours talking about all the birds we would like to get ahold of. He said a flamingo. He's darling. He makes me purr like no other before. I want to go him with on a journey. We can climb trees and get the fire men to get us out. We can eat food out of the dumps. We could even sleep under someones porch. That sounds like fun. I just want him around to be sweet like he is, to sing to me, and purr to me all night. And I really love it when he licks my back in all those hard to reach places. So Tom~Tom, my love, if you're reading this... I just want you to know, I love you and if you lick my back, I'll lick yours! *meow*


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Why is that fan on my box? [12 Jun 2002|06:16am]
[ mood | excited ]

Theres a fan on my box. I have a huge box and for some reason there is a fan on it. And someone has tied a dog toy to Usteus' string. Im insulted. A dog toy? Im a cat. I dont play with things that squeak.. I play with things with cat nip and things that make loud annoying noises. Im not that simple minded. Right now Im hiding from the weird couple in the floor. They scare me. Shes upside down and hes right side up playing drums on her bum. Odd. I wouldnt know about couple things. I guess they do weird stuff like that at times. Im not allowed outside. I tried to escape about 6 times today... all plans failed. Soon I will be out. I will be free. I will be able to have boyfriends. For now, Im going to sit in the window sill and watch the birds I will soon be attacking when the door opens and I finally run out and not get caught.


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